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Facility fires. Insurance companies recognize this and demand that grease flues be cleaned on a regular basis. Fires originate in food cooking operations for a number of reasons including:
Grease and debris accumulates in exhaust systems Commercial Kitchen exhaust fans become overladen with grease & debris
Food and grease deposits accumulate in and around stoves, broilers, grills and fryers. Dishwasher ducts collect dust, grease and lint.
A's #1 Hood Cleaning alleviates these hazards by thoroughly cleaning your entire grease exhaust ventilation system according to
NFPA 96 Standards - increasing the operating efficiency and lowering the risk of down-time.
Cleaning your exhaust fans and flues will also substantially improve your ventilation flow, cutting down wear and tear on your equipment and making your operation a safer, more pleasant place to work and eat.

Unlike most kitchen exhaust hood cleaning companies which use steam cleaning equipment to try to clean the interior of grease exhaust ducts, we also have our A's #1 Hood Cleaning trained professionals enter the ducts and clean by means of scraping, chiseling and otherwise removing grease and debris. With this attention to detail we are able to provide a better job than our competitors.

Our staff uses state-of-the-art vent hood cleaning equipment to clean and degrease all of your ductwork, even vertical risers on multi-story facilities. We'll clean it from top to bottom - from the roof fans through the vertical and horizontal ducts down to the hoods. We'll install access panels if necessary to facilitate the cleaning, inspection and future maintenance. We clean the fan blades and the interior of the fan housing and remove all traces of dust, grease and dirt. You can count on us to do the job right! We want you to be
fire safe !

Also if you are a restaurant owner who does not have their exhaust system cleaned, and the worse case situation a
fire were to happen you may be in for a surprise. Most Insurance Companies that insure restaurants require hood exhaust systems to be inspected and cleaned at least several times a year or more depending on volume, type of cooking, and or insurance requirements.
If an establishment were to catch
fire and the fire inspectors found proof that the system was never cleaned most insurance companies would not cover the loss in most.
Can you afford to rebuild a restaurant out of your own pocket?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A's #1 Hood Cleaning
To reduce costly fire hazards.
To be in compliance with NFPA 96 Standards.
To be in compliance with local
fire codes.
To be in compliance with state and local health codes and regulations.
To be in compliance with landlord and tenant lease agreements.
To be in compliance with roofing warranties.
To reduce exhaust fan failure. Grease build up causes fan malfunction and motor burn out. This is a very expensive cost that can be avoided.
To reduce costly maintenance repairs.
To reduce premature roof decay and damage that can occur from rooftop
To reduce the fats, oils and grease that spill into rooftop storm drains.
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