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The Importance of Fires, can not be understated. Here are some articlas about them.
Fires occurring in restaurant grease ducts can be difficult to extinguish. Accumulated grease
inside of ducts can ignite, with a resultant hot fire that is shielded from attack by the fire department but can spread from the duct and ignite surrounding materials.

Also if you are a restaurant owner who does not have their exhaust system cleaned, and the
worse case situation a fire were to happen you may be in for a surprise.Most Insurance
Companies that insure restaurants require hood exhaust systems to be inspected and cleaned at least once a year or more depending on volume, type of cooking, and or insurance requirements.
If an establishment were to catch fire and the fire inspectors found proof that the system was never cleaned most insurance companies would not cover the loss in most.
Can you afford to rebuild a restaurant out of your own pocket?
Choosing a Contractor should never be on price it, because price should never come between
you and the safety of your restaurant.

If your contractor won't give you before and after photos of your cleaning job, then they may just be hiding something from you. That distrust only needs 3 things:
Fuel (grease), Oxygen, and Heat to let you know the hard way, why they wouldn't stand behind their work with photos

Restaurant owners must hire a licensed professional to inspect and clean cooking systems, according to state fire code regulations.
This restaurant will be shut down for awhile thanks to his hood vents catching fire. Wonder if this restaurant owner saved money by going with the cheapest hood cleaning price he got?
Investigators with the Boulder Fire Department have determined that the fire at the Oak at
Fourteenth restaurant last week started under the grease hood in the restaurant’s kitchen.

A fire in the kitchen of an Aberdeen restaurant caused an estimated $150,000 worth of damage Wednesday night after a heavy buildup of greaseThe fire originated in the exhaust hood about
the of the grill and the fire suppresion system failed due to a heavy buildup of grease. Restaurant
staff used three fire extinguishers in attempt to control the fire prior to the arrival of the fire department.

Preventing grease damage demands recurring maintenance that can conveniently be combined
with your exhaust hood cleaning schedule. Your hood cleaner should be informed and trained to assess your grease containment needs and put together proper recommendations for your
system. Your hood cleaning service provider can additionally install a grease containment
system as well as consistently exchange the grease absorbent pads that sit in the grease
containment tray. The nominal expenditure in this crucial fire safety and roof protection service
will maintain your roof in agreeable condition and inhibit excess destruction in the episode of a grease fire.

Commercial cooking areas, ranging from fast-food restaurants to institutional kitchens, cannot
afford an interruption in operation caused by a fire. Insurance statistics prove that if a restaurant
has a fire, it may never reopen; those that do have a lost time and money in the form of personal injury treatment, equipment replacement and higher insurance rates.

If an establishment were to catch fire and the fire inspectors found proof that the system was
never cleaned most insurance companies would not cover the loss in most.

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